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Information and Support
on Key Action 1 of ERASMUS+

– Updated for application round 2020 –

ERASMUS+ is a programme of the European Union. Key Action 1 of this programme funds participation in European training courses (Staff Mobility). There is a wide range of support information for planning and application on the website of your ERASMUS+ national agency. To find out the name and web address of the national agency of your country please refer to

In addition SchoolEducationGateway, Europe's online platform for school education, provides information in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish:

For your orientation

Since it is quite a number of documents we'd like to give you some orientation with our support information on this site. Please note that we only refer to documents provided by the European Commission and SchoolEducationGateway. Your national agency also provides relevant support documents.

Starting point

As a leader of a school or pre-school you are interested in European in-service-training activities and you would like members of your staff to participate. Also you are interested in funding of these mobility activities under ERASMUS+. In this case a lot of questions arise.

Steps on the road to application

In case you and your staff decide to apply for funding under Key Action 1 it's time for planning. There is one round of application each year. The deadline is usually at the beginning of February – in 2020 it is the 5th.

There are a lot of aspects of planning an ERASMUS+ project and application:

The European Commission published two guides for ERASMUS+ projects:

Further documents which may be helpful:

For the application it is necessary to register your organisation with the participant portal Unique Registration Facility (URF). After registration you will receive a Participant Identity Code (PIC)s for your organisation as an unique ID.

For the application itself the application form (PDF-file) has to be filled web-based. For detailed information please refer to the website of your National Agency.

Application has been approved
– you can go ahead with your project

You will be informed of the national agency's decision about your application by around June. If it has been approved you'll receive further information from your national agency. At this point it is important to inform the course provider and hand in registrations for the chosen courses.

In case of courses by Forum Eltern und Schule it is necessary to send binding registrations for each participant and for each course. There is a registration form (PDF file) on our website under each course.

In addition to the "Practical guide for school leaders", mentioned above, there is a second "quick guide" for this phase of your project:

A glance at the end of the project

There are certain requirements for evaluation, dissemination and reporting at the end of the project period. Here again there is a "Quick Guide":

We hope that this "orientation" is a real help for your planning, application, running and reporting of your ERASMUS+ project, and we are looking forward to any kind of comments, which will help to improve this support document. Questions are also welcome!

All the best to your project!
Jürgen Otte and Rainer Kopp

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