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Material for Seminar Preparation

Support for Your Preparation

We offer you some material to support you preparing your participation in our course. It is based on the feedback we have received from participants and facilitators in the past six years.

Background Material

Following background material contains information that can be used in preparation for the offered European courses. The material is also addressed to everybody, who is generally interested in the subject of our European courses.

We presume that our participants have different previous knowledge about the country-specific education systems and also different preferences in the way to acquire new knowledge (e.g. short introductory articles, short films, links and books for further in-depth research). Therefore we try to give orientation by our comments. Feedback is welcome, whether we succeeded and in case external links do not work.

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Forum Eltern und Schule is member of following international organisations:


The Learning Teacher Network (LTN) works with teachers and educators around the world to promote a vision of education as a means of creating and maintaining a sustainable world.

LTN is key partner UNESCO GAP on Education for Sustainable Development.


European Association of Training Providers (EATP)

Please use the link and get to know to the services of EATP and to more interesting European courses offered by its members.