Within this section you will find links to institutions and web sites, related to the topic of the EU-MAIL project.

Education systems in Europe

|.. www.eurydice.org
To get an overview over education systems in Europe, we recommend the web site of EURYDICE - The Information Network on Education in Europe. Amongst others, you will find there national summary sheets on education systems and information about ongoing reforms. Following you can download the English version of the national summary sheets for the EU-MAIL partner countries.

National summary sheets:
|- PDF - Finland (7 pages, 134 KB) ...
|- PDF - Germany (7 pages, 185 KB) ...
|- PDF - Sweden (6 pages, 129 KB) ...
|- PDF - U.K. (10 pages, 205 KB) ...
|- PDF - Norway (6 pages, 162 KB) ...

Related projects

|.. Comenius 2.1 project APT
»The APT (Appraisal of Potential for Teaching) project aims to support the education of student teachers by developing a diagnostic tool to help them identify and explore their fundamental attitudes towards the teaching profession.«

|.. Comenius 2.1 project Scriptorium
Comenius 2.1 project "Scriptorium" is dedicated to the development of a teacher training program in the fields of writing and reading pedagogy.


|.. netzwerk-heterogenitaet.de (only in German)
Netzwerk Lehren und Lernen in heterogenen Gruppen. Web site published by German Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft.

European Network COPASCH - Cooperation parents and schools.
Web site published by German DGB Bildungswerk Berlin-Brandenburg "Wilhelm Leuschner" e.V.


|.. forum-eltern-und-schule.de (only in German)
Forum Eltern und Schule (Forum for Parents and School) is an acknowledged German institution of further education in the state of Northrhine-Westfalia, which offers for a large part further education courses for teachers for 25 years.

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